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One of the best things about my last 24 plus years is working with so many great people, managers, organizations and leaders all committed to making their organizations better.  "Putting our employees/teams/culture in the best position to be successful."

It is interesting, although I am supposed to be the expert, after all these years and all these clients I am more comfortable as the student.  And I am anxious to share all this with you.

It has been an awesome journey...

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"Re-Shaping Culture, and Leadership ...  Re-Igniting Passion"

I am truly humbled when referenced as a nationally recognized author and management consultant helping Leadership Teams for over the past 20 years.   My research has been featured in the national media including, The Associated Press, Bloomberg Television, Opportunity World Magazine, Succeed Magazine,  Boardroom Magazine, The Arizona Republic, Canadian Manager Magazine,, The Manager’s Intelligence Report, numerous television appearances on the book tour, and The Boston Globe to name a few.  My passion is  for researching and sharing the unique characteristics of today’s employees and how to maximize their potential. 

My roots are planted in an extensive corporate background beginning with TORO, and then my tenure at Yamaha Motor Corporation where I had an opportunity to live and work in an awesome culture featuring 5S and Kaizens everyday.  The experience also give me an opportunity to sit on the Executive Committee at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation which was an invaluable experience.  My  prestigious clients over the last 24 years, include; The National Emerging Leadership Summit, Georgia Department of Labor, Fed Ex Freight, Motorola, Toro, Hilton, Yamaha, The Association for the Advancement of College Schools of Business, Purdue Calumet School of Management, Microsoft Group Trust 4.0, AT&T Mobility, Time Warner and The Federal Aviation Administration among many others. 

My MBA is from Kent State University where I have been back to speak as well as my research with Kennesaw State University, Georgia State University and teaching at Clayton State University.

In the words of Ken Blanchard, “Mike understands what will make companies tick in the future, it’s about maximizing the potential of your people…”

Featured in the National Media,

Loved working with the National Emerging Leadership Summit every summer since 2010, so many great young leaders, so passionate about long term care, every year is an awesome and emotional experience including working with Dr. Kevin Hansen.

Recent Certifications

What you may not know about me, 

I was a DI Lacrosse player in college and have a deep love for the game that continues even today.  Another passion of mine is coaching, and here too I have been blessed.  

I have been involved with so many great young people, talented in lacrosse but even better young men. 

I now have over 40 players who have shared their love for the game at the youth, high school and collegiate levels, and that is awesome.  I love it when a former player now a college coach comes to recruit on of our players.

Recognition is best when delivered by your peers, and humbling at the same time. 

- US Lacrosse Coach of the Year in Georgia

- Southeastern Lacrosse Conference Coach of the Year in my tenure at Auburn.

Also interesting is how the experiences of coaching college players has been instrumental in learning how to engage younger employees.