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Trust, loyalty, turnover, internal silos, and declining employee productivity have become major issues facing small businesses as well as large corporations.  The hidden costs of disengagement and turnover are dramatic.  Where do they come from and how can they be fixed?

For over two decades, we have been empowering leadership and management teams with strategic solutions to unlock the full potential of their human capital.

 Our goal: To help Leaders join us in taking the journey from disengaged, "Quiet Quitting" work cultures to a culture of Collaboration, Passion, and Excellence.

From my most recent workshop, 

" Ever so classy, I loved your motivation. I will definitely continue to review your workbook. Your ending to that summit has stuck with me.

'I think you are better than you think you are' this has been my new ending to my morning meeting both inside the office and with the associates on the warehouse floor. It was such a powerful statement.  Again, thank you for participating."

Jacqueline Jennings
Hourly Operations Manager, SIMOS Solutions


If we can help save one key employee from leaving or being disengaged the financial returns are exponential.  Retaining one key employee can save us thousands of dollars, right to the bottom line.   Increasing engagement even 5% can result in a significant increase in productivity again, right to the bottom line, and we have a proven track record of helping Leaders meet these challenges.  

The most successful organizations are creating a culture of purpose, a culture with a mission, and a culture of engagement. Sharing how to evolve and grow to meet this challenge with today’s employees without a large budget is what we do.

Thus in 2023 our work is more critical than ever, 

Interesting morning for me as I was reading the newly released 99-page Gallup World Survey on Engagement.

Some updated data, overall, fully engaged employees  for the US dropped to only 32% (engaged from the employees' perspective)  ...  but specifically for Managers their numbers were down 6 points, combined with the survey data reflecting that 49% of all employees according to Gallup for the US... watching for or actively seeking new jobs, but you know all this…

Reversing these trends in our organizations is not as complicated nor expensive as you might expect. The current environment is not “Better or Worse” but clearly different. Training is now ranked in the top three of engagement / retention tools. 

Training and Coaching can dramatically help employees to develop their skills and foster a significantly increased sense of connection and engagement with your organization. This is what we do and how we help organizations be a great place to work, and increase their bottom lines.

Love to have a conversation with you, contact us to see if it is a good fit for your organization, 

It is a call to action for all of us, 

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This text is one of the most thought- provoking pieces I have ever read, and that covers a lot of reading, ...You have a unique approach (gift) for explaining why Managers need re-think their techniques and strategies..."

James Early, Former CEO Premier Magnetics



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